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  • Rain + Thunder

    Posted on January 12th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    I awoke early to the rumble of thunder and light to moderate rain with 40° temperatures. Wow, a couple of hours later it was raining hard.  In the end we received 0.8″ of rain and the temperatures dropped several degrees.  However, the day stayed overcast so we made plans to eat lunch and to have lunch at The Village because we had two free lunches we had won at an event.  After lunch we went to the “Then & Now” to window shop and perhaps a lamp for the Technical Room.

    Like I said, I awoke earlier than usualand made breakfast and beat a retreat to the Technical Room to listen to the Little Red Barn Net which starts at 0830.  So I checked in and then cruised the net for an hour.  Then I got down to work trying to get Fldigi running on my notebook computer.  Finally, by changing up various check box sequences I got it working  fine with my Icom IC-7200 HF rig. Yea, a winner.

    Now as I write, I am listening to the movie War Dogs.  This comes by way of the media center software Kodi running on a Raspberry Pi 3.  Actually the movie is better than I thought it would be.  The music is good and the Miami scenes were even better – I got to see many buildings I used to worked on fixing radio gear.  I hope I get to finish it tonight. It is a sad movie i a way since greed overcomes a young man and he puts that money in front of everything