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  • Sunday at Martha’s

    Posted on January 22nd, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    We awoke to the gentle breezes flowing through the palms with their proper rustling and rubbing against the house.  How nice that sound is when the wind is reasonable.  I awoke at my usual time of 0830 hrs after a good amount of sleep. The humidity is like a gentle caress against the full  sleeve sun top I am wearing.  The shorts feel good too as it has been awhile.  We turned on the news and quickly changed channel because even FOX is questioning their new President.

    The full sun shows off the agitated movement of the trees  and it is nice and I am content, if a little sore from the trip, and the pool is crystal clear with gentle ripples.  I sit here writing this blog via my mobile phone hotspot.  I called Brighthouse this AM and they want $50/mo for service as a new customer so I declined.  Maybe I can wean myself away from the internet this way.

    The Raspberry Pi CCTV at home are working well but I wish one of the CCTV had a wider angle lens.  Upon return I will change out the Pi Cam for a web cam aad thst should help out.  Now I need to find one of the MS World Cam I like on the used market.  (grin). I include a picture of our youngest kid Abby.  Moore Later.