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  • Temporary Antenna

    Posted on January 27th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Today I went over to Don’s house and picked up his homebrew antenna and erected it.  Well, it works but not too well.  The forward/Reverse

    The Captains

    power is 5:1 and this is bad.  I am afraid of burning out my finals.  In the course of discussions, W3RX came on and said I could use his antenna until I get this resolved with The Antenna Farm.  I am sure Steves Comet will work much, much better.  I go to get it tomorrow about 1400 hrs.

    SAM went to a bunch of Garage Sales and one Church Sale.  The church one was sort of a bummer – it was down on Central and that should say something.  It was a zoo.  They had it set up with one single choke point and people could not get in and out fast enough.  Enough said.  Right now SAM is out walking the dog.

    I have not been back on Facebook for even a week and the Haters do not like what I have to say.  I am also regretting having sold my boat.  I now have no escape path since they are sealing the borders.  South for now but that can change in an instant – much like Germany in the early and mid-30’s. – a border can be closed at the stroke of a Executive pen.  Perhaps I am being melodramatic but then again perhaps not and time will tell.