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  • New Antenna – Broken USPS

    Posted on January 26th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Well, my brand new $86 antenna came in broken.  It is a pretty stiff rugged device made from tubular fiberglass.  You really have to work hard to break these but somehow USPS managed to do it – badly too.  Totally amazing!  I really needed this to be able to talk on the radio down here.  I do not have the heart to write much more right now.

    I have taken the time to take a picture of the break and now it is in the blog.  I am listening to Allstar 27225 on my node 43584 and using the hotspot  to send to the internet.  Isn’t technology wonderful?

    I just came back to finish this blogline.  I was out sweeping the porch while SAM is out walking the dog.  I did not do too good of a job since the next wind will bring down a lot more of the leaves, twigs and other detritus.  The tree in question I believe is a Poincianas and has red flowers in the summer.