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  • Hamcation Orlando

    Posted on February 11th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    VE3ORY and I went to Hamcation in Orlando Friday 2-10-17.  SAM stayed home and went to multiple garage sales.  Late in the afternoon I realized I was very dehydrated by a late stop in the head.  I tried to re-hydrate quickly by drinking multiple bottles of H2O and I guessed it worked until I was in a looooong line of traffic on the I-4 and had to pee.  OK, let us leave it at there and the rest of the trip back to St. Pete was slow but uneventful.

    Back home, I felt dehydrated but the recurring events to the pee pot showed different.  I was glad for this as it was traumatizing to have so extremely colored urine in weeks past.  I am back on super-hydration to keep it all flowing and non-burning.

    Currently I am re-reading “Life on the Mississipi”.  I enjoy this very much and wish I could have enjoyed some of the events.  Actually, I am not so removed form this era as to not relate to it at all.  As a young kid, I read with my cousins Jim and John, “Pecks Bad Boy” at night in the hot, hot beadroom until we fell asleep around 0100 hours when the temperature dropped.

    I am really hoping this survives me as sort of a legacy to the future.  This is a bleak era when the Trump Card is yet to be played so we await the fall of the hammer.  Cheers to you all, once it is in the electronic net it is never really dead, so Personally, I have never been Trump ed. Bye for Moore.

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