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  • Hamcation 2018

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    This will be the first Hamcation we have attended, without W9LKI silent key, but we made reservations today and plan on attending but staying in a nearby Elks Lodge.  They do not take reservtion but wrote in tht we were coming.  All these tickets are directed towards First Assembly who have graciously said we could direct our mail to them: Thanks Pastor Register and Amanda.

    We would love to stay at the EV Park at Hamcation but the policy is no cancellations and the lot can be really, really muddy. So instead we woll drive 45 minutes each day just to stay at the Elks Lodge 1973.

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  • 3 January: Clay County Fair RV Park

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    The park is currently underwater due to torrential rains, threatened snow and tonights hard freeze warning.  Schools are closing, TV’s warning of the need to stay home tonight as the ice builds up. SAM and I are holed up in the RV but SAM did take Abby outside for her morning constitutional, both dressed in rain suits, and both were happy to be back inside the cocoon of warmth and dryness.  Our travel tonight will be restricted and we are praying the power will not go down – otherwise it will be the generator if it starts OK. I am glad we filled up on propane.

    This morning we signed up and paid for another 30 days of stay here at Clay County Fair RV Park.  We will see what happens after that.  Jess will be down in a week ± and we have a lot to see in just the one weekend she will be here and after that who knows when we will see her again.  We want to go to Whitey’s Fish Camp for lunch one of the days, Fernandina Beach town and St Augustine.  Within Jacksonville we want to see a few things too. This is a lot to do in two days.

    We have been re-instated as card carrying members of the Clay County Library system.  We can now check out audio books on cd and have listened to one are on the second, The Third Wave is the one we are listening to right now. Below are the three on tap now but I may make the list expand over the winter:

    –Killing Lincoln

    –The Third Wave

    –First Hostage

    In a loosely related vein, I just read that Kaspersky antivirus software could be use to filter certain test strings and then possibly send these to the Kaspersky cloud servers for inclusion into filtering algorithms.  Here is the link to the whole article and trust me it is scary:






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