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  • Tuesday 23 January 2018

    Posted on January 23rd, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    I can’t believe it was last Friday that I posted. Believe it or not we have been working on little projects and nailing one or more per day.  The one remaining biggie is installing the AquaPure filter.  I am a little afraid of tackling this one as the thought of water dripping or squirting everywhere under the sink is less than appealing.

    Sunday after church I tackled the accumulator air charge.  It seemed to work pretty well but I wished I had triple the size capacity so the water would run for 30 seconds or so at full opened vanity sink faucet.  Right now it is about 5 seconds.  I set the pressure at 25 psi in the accumulator.

    Last night it rained and rained and rained hard but by 0500 it had more or less stopped.  All day today the sun played tag with us and popped in and out of the clouds.  SAM just returned from a longish dog walk and Abby looks tuckered out.

    Little by little the RV Park here is filling up, mostly with trailers but we have 3 class A’s so I feel ok.  The guy next door has a Airstream that is beautiful and shiny.  He is a cool guy who left Oregon in a Westsail 43 and saild down the west coast all the way down to Cape Horn, around the Horn and out to The Falklins.  He has a lot of stories to tell and I am jealous to no end.

    The sun is shining as I write and feel it is time to end so 73 for now.

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