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  • 6 January a Saturday

    Posted on January 6th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    I was out in the crisp N. Fl air this morning: Not so early but early enough. I dumped the Black Water and then hooked the hose to that tank and flushed it well.  The level guage is working again – Yea.  After that I piddled around and drained the hose and cleaned up the watter sid of the locker. I made sure the new heaters (100W bulbs in trouble lights) were off.  PS: the lights glow all nigh indicating how much pee or poo is going down you know where.

    I spent time on the amateur radio and computer today.  I moved some stuff inside to outside storage bays and took an after lunch nap with Abby to my left side. We never made it to the laundry – bummer.  Now, SAM is worrying about the outside night lights not being on.  Lots more happened but I forgot.  Perhaps I will change.

    We are looking for a new site near the Hamcation in Orlando and then perhaps to Broward County site where it is warm.

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