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  • 5 January: Lazy Days

    Posted on January 5th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    As I write, the sun is behind the trees and it is getting dark here at the Clay County Fair RV Park.  This night promises to be in the mid-20’s again.  Hopefully, we have this cold weather thing mastered as much as can be mastered.  The lights are on in the septic and city water bays.  The water at the outside faucets and  am running water inside to partially fill the greay water in preparation of flushing the black water lines.  I will be ready for darkness and the dropping of temperatures.

    This morning I was sort of foggy and a bit out of it but I tackled the Allstar Node 43584 no IP issue.  Iam not sure what causes it but I surmise it is the password getting corrupted and it is no able to log into the LAN side of the hotspot internet connection.  Also puzzling was the fact that I could not log into root with the password.  Finally, after much trials I got logged in and changed the password so that was golden.  Then I accidentally deleted the wireless config file so had to generate it again but this time I put in the wrong password.  So around the barn again and put in the correct one and it worked OK.

    SAM and I went to the First Assembly to pick up some of our mail and Amazon deliveries.  Our new LED 110 VAC microwave counter lights. The color temperature is 6000K and this is too white for me but they work fine and will probably last forever (I hope so).  Our sewer hose washing adapter arrived too so now we can rinse the sewer hose without splashing ourselves. Then we went to lunch at Burger King and returned to the RV.

    So ends another day in the life of retirement at the Moore’s.

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