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  • 4 January 2018: Same place

    Posted on January 4th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    The day had not dawned and the water went fizzle.  Frozen hose, outside temp 27° and standing pipe frozen too.  Disconnected hose and brought inside.  tried the onboard water and it worked so it was all outside.  Went back to sleep.

    As the morning dawned I remembered the appointment with Rick Mobi-Mechanic to work on tow-dolly.  This guy tore into it and cleaned things up so now it worked relatively well. So on the way back we stopped by the Home Depot in Orange Park and bought a couple of old style metal trouble lights plus 4 each 100W incandescent light bulbs.  When we got back we put them in the septic and power bays on the RV.  Hopefully, no freeze tonight.

    Just about dark the manager of the park came by and told us it would be in the lower 20’s tonight and he was cracking the water valve and said it would be best if I removed the Y valve and the carbon filter.  I did this with him and put the filter inside to drain.  Tonight we will leave the water running and the grey water valve cracked to allow the tank to drain.  In addition, I dismounted the sewer connector and put it inside the closure and re-installed the connector ( it would not fit through the opening on the RV).  Both 100W light bulb are on now and the black water tank is glowing.  Tomorrow morning we will see the product of our overnight events as it glows with the back lit 100W bulb. SMILING LIKE CRAZY.

    SAM is fixing dinner and fussing so I had better quit this worthless pursuit and get back to what is important.  Bye from Moore.


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