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  • Christmas Letter

    Posted on December 7th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    I just finished the Christmas Letter 2007 I started earlier in the week at the hotel one night.  I added a few pictures and saved the Word 2K document.  I make two versions of the letter – one for family and one for friends.  Before I closed the Family one I made a pdf of the document too.  After I had sent off the email with both the Word and pdf version from a pre-configured list I started getting bounces from hotmail and then others.  All said the files were too big.  When I checked the word doc it was 11meg and the pdf was 1.6Meg.  I wrote an apology and sent off just the pdf to everyone.  So far none have bounced.  I will still catch some flak since at least one still uses dial up for email.  I will probably send out the friends one tonight too.  Maybe I will do it right after I finish this posting.

    The weather was grey all day and there is snow on the ground so I would guess the leaves will remain where they are until spring.  It is December and we usually finish way before this time of year.  It has been a strange year for most everything.

    Last night I struggled with trying to import the Greymatter bloglines from my other server but was unable to get anywhere.  It is probably time to call Marc and see what he might know.  I have had that blog up since 2003 but somehow the data got corrupted and was destroyed but at least all of 2007 is there.  Now how to get it into the new server.

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