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  • Icy Saturday & Wet Sunday

    Posted on December 2nd, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    It was cold and icy Saturday with the temperature hovering around 23  degreeds when I arose.  There was a light but cold wind from the NE but we collected the abundant leaves (about 4 loads) that were sort  of wind rowed.  To our surprise the ground was frozen as the tractor & vacuum crunched and packed the leaves into the Agri Vac.  Friday I called Agri Fab to get an new tube that goes from the shreader to the wagon -$100 ouch.  After 5 years of crunching an bunching things are starting to break.  We went to town in the evening and the roads were quite slippery on the return with max speeds of 15mph.

    Sunday AM it was cool as we went to church and quite warm we we left the church (51 degrees).  It started to rain shortly thereafter and continued all day until about 1800 hrs.  After church we went to the apple orchard and bought another peck of “Gold Rush” apples and a peck of cooking apples (seconds).  SAM spent the afternoon crunching and cooking the apples – the result was a quite pleasant tasting but tart apple dessert.

    After a brief nap we went to Meijers and Wal-Mart to get groceries and some more presents.  I got out of the shopping part and stayed in the truck listening to a book on tape – a Sci-Fi.  As I write we have just completed our meditation session & started another load of washing.

    I think it is supposed to get cold tonight and a winter mix is about to descend upon us.  This will make the drive to GR tomorrow real fun.  They are forcasting  an inch of snow and winds to 27 mph with a low temp of 31.  The salt trucks will be out tonight again I think.

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