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  • Good Things Happen On Sunday!

    Posted on December 30th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    Time 0400 daughter calls and the heat is back on but a part is broken that the repairman did not have a replacement available.  Anyway life is good now and will be better if the landlord pays the $170 it cost to get the repairman out on a cold Sunday morn.

    It was a late rise for us and we just made it to church on time.  It amazes me that I used to be up at 0530 every morning and not go to bed until 11 or 12.  Age must cause one to sleep more as I even take naps now.  The day was the normal grey overcast winter one typical of the Gret Lakes area.  Now is the time to be in sunny climes.

    After church SAM treated me to a coffee at the uptown coffee shop near the court house.  It was busy inside with several young people taking all the seats so we just went to the truck and on to home.  Much later we drove to Menards to look at an air-compressor to replace the 30+ year old Montgomery Wards unit. 

    After dinner my classmate JoAnn T called and entertained SAM for about and hour.  Now I am getting an instant replay – the most interesting is Shirley C is in Alaska and July 5th is the Class Reunion at the same place as 5 years ago.  We also worked on trying to decode the meaning of a Geocache we tried to find Saturday late in the afternoon – no joy so far.

    I am spending a lot of time looking at kayaks in the cutsheets that were given to me.  I am homing in on a range from 14′ to 17′ long.  the 14′ seems a little short and the one I like (without trying it out or sitting in it) is 17′.  The problem being SAM, who paddles with less power and I do not want to get too far ahead.  Also the streams around here may not be 17′ wide so how do you reverse course?  Compromise – compromise.

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