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  • Headache & Spaced

    Posted on December 21st, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    My daughter called from Germany this afternoon.  She and her family cannot be here for Christmas – she was very sad.  It seems the USA government has changed the passport rules recently and her husbands temporary (a 1 year issue) will no longer get him into the USA.  They were not allowed to board their flight this morning (GMT+5 Time).  It seems pretty idiotic to me since both the German and USA governments have records of many entrances and exits using the passport.  In the long run I think it bodes ill for the USA because if they make entry much tougher how will foriegners get in to do business with us?  This occurs now that the $ has sunk so low that other countries actually want to purchase American goods.  That is the hedache part of the day.

    I was well into my meditation and the telephone rings – I turn off the cellulars so they don’t ring- and it is my sister inviting me over for dinner.  How sweet of her as she is a good cook.  The problem is I did not come back gracefully and now I feel a little spaced out.  The dinner helped but did not completely bring me back.

    Now I am watching the Sci-Fi channel as SAM is working.  I took over her Christmas Dinner before I went to my sister’s.  I am also writing this and waiting for JKM to arrive.  Time to make some tea – a nice White from China.

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