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  • Time Flies!

    Posted on December 16th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    I cannot believe it has been 9 daqys since I have written in my blog.  The Christmas Season is upon us and SAM is working hard cleaning the house today and I just spent 3+ hours outside with the snowblower digging us out of the 10″ of snow we received last night.  I could not get down to the pavement level as the snow was to wet and got stuck in the snow blower.  I would guess there is still about 2″ still on the driveway.  Predicitions are for more snow and the radar is tending to confirm that fact.

    The problem with the driway is that it is very wide and about 75′ long.  The only option is to start on the leeward side and blow the snow down wind.  Usually I start in the middle and blow the snow to the east as it is almost always the leeward side.  Today I started at the far east side and just kept plowing eastward all the way across.  this meant that I had to retrace places already done as the blower only shoots the snow about 10-12 ft.

    It has been relatively busy at work with the Indiana Project.  We had our last meeting of this year on the 13th and it lasted all day.  I arrived back in PL about 0545.  I was pretty tired and it has take all weekend to recover.

    The evening of the 14th was spent at our church Christmas Party from 4-6PM.  It was fun and there were many new people as the invitation was open to RISE and nursing homes.  It was snowing as we left and drove one of the young church members to his home in Ashley.  We took the long way around through Hudson and got back around 1830 hours.

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