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  • Departmental Lunch Today

    Posted on December 20th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    Today we had our Technology group luncheon. It was good to get out with the group and learn a little about each other. URS, being a large company, is rather formal with a lot of Do’s and Don’ts and being a West Michigan group conservative and it make getting together a little difficult.

    I guess I talked about Clive Custler yesterday but I listened to the BOT all the way home and was watching out for deer like crazy along route 50. The time just slid by and pretty soon I was home. I was surprised to find was some peanut butter fudge and fruit cake waiting for me – I pigged out.

    I only have one remaining URL active on DNS2GO and this is virtualmoore.com. I would like to find some place to put it but there are a lot of pictures of airplanes and these are big. I am not sure how much server space will be made available free of charge. Maybe I can put them there over the holidays. DNS2GO just got too expensive for the service they provided – $100 per year. Originally, the first one was free and the next level was $25 but there was the price creep and enough is enough.  I use godaddy.com for most of my domains and a few hosting accounts.  I may pare back on a few of the URL’s too – Anyone want to buy ITSAMERICA.ORG?

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