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  • Tuesday : Steuben County Aviation BOAC KANQ

    Posted on January 10th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Tonight was the BOAC meeting at KANQ.  A new BOAC President Randy Strebig was elected tonight.  Randy then appointed the VP, Treasurer and Secretary. The meeting was lightly attended by the public due to the inclimate weather and high winds. TSA Hangar LP had an opportunity to comment but declined because there was nothing to discuss. Most of the BOAC meeting was related to finances, Obstacle Obstruction mitigation and 2017 improvement plans.

    One controversial issue to be discussed and voted upon is the decommissioning of the NDB which is unmonitored at this time.  Any comments are to be directed to Randy Strebig BEFORE the next meeting. No input will be accepted during the next meeting.  Judging from what I heard it looks like the NDB will be decommissioned unless new input is received.  Call Randy Strebig at the following:

    PH:  260.424.5371

    Cell: 260.466.3961

    Fax: 260.422.9030



    The drive home was wet and windy.  I am now in the Technical Room writing this blog and listening to Allstar Node 27225. After this effort I think I will tackle my website page to update information.  Bye from Moore.

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