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    Posted on January 13th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    I spent the day in the TR ( Technical Room ) fiddling with ham radio and the medic center procedures.  I discovered how to download  the movies to the media center so now I can get them upstairs for SAM to watch (she is watching one now).  Right now it is sort of a convoluted process but I will streamline that.  So here is the process:

    1. Select the video and download to the Movie directory folder on the Raspberry Pi 3 running Kodi. This takes about an hour.
    2. Next connect to the Pi with SFTP (or SSH) and move the Movie file to the Windows or Linux machine ( I use Bitvise SSH Client ).
    3. Next connect to SAM’s Notebook from My Win10 machine and move the files to SAM’s Notebook.
    4. At this point I connect SAM’s Notebook to the Living Room TV HDMI 3 input and use the built in Windows 10 player and play the video.

    I am using the TR more and more.  Last night I moved the computer speakers on the defunct Precision T5400 and connected them to the TV/Monitor.  My Notebook is connected to the monitor via HDMI.  This way I get to use the Extended Desktop feature.  The same monitor has a three way HDMI manual switch so I can have the Raspberry Pi under test, Notebook and Kodi Media Center.  Bottom line is it is becoming my Man Cave.

    I am deliberately moving away from Facebook and reconnecting with my three blogs.  Facebook is becoming a totally disgusting media. I have always heard that people would rapidly devolve when given total freedom with no consequences – well, we are here. Moore later.

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