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  • Raspberry Pi Security

    Posted on January 21st, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    My two new Pi Security CCTV are working just fine.  It is a bit surprising that for $60 you can make a device that works well.  It took a while to tweek it but as I become familiar with the controls I can make a very nice device.  The Pi CCTV does not work as well as my old Microsoft Skype Cam.  I am going to try and get one or two more of these cams as they become available on eBay. Yea, a winner.  Now I need to try some other type of web cams and make a testbed.

    The Pi’s are model 3 so I am streaming via wiFi and it works just fine. I love those Pi 3’s and they heald the price in spite of great product improvements.  Well, I just looked at my CCTV and they are working fine from outside the system.  This means I have to use the WAN IP to get in.  I am doing this vi my smartphone hotspot.

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