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  • Monday 8 January: Chores

    Posted on January 9th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    This is a work day.  SAM has her’s and I have mine.  First we worked as a team while I removed the 4 final screws holding the fascia of the forward TV.  The TV is a big monster of yesteryear which we want to replace with a UHD flatscreen.  We have wanted to remove this for a week or more but we finally set a date and moved forward.

    After SAM departed to do the laundry, I started finding places for the big items we had just removed.  This necessitated moving, cramming and finessing those items.  In the end, things looked nicer fit in the compartments better and generally was much more tidy.  I had a few minutes, I thought, before SAM returned so I decided to try out the front TV antenna with the 32″ flatscreen I brought along.  Long story short, it worked fine and showed 57 digital stations found. I place the monster 32″ up on the dash temporarily and we watched TV from the salon of the RV last night.

    We finished the Book “The Third Wave” and now we are listening to Joel Rosenberg’s “The First Hostage”. I like his books and think I have listened to most and read a few. They are due back on the 16th so tomorrow it is listening time again.  No TV!

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