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  • Tuesday 9 January: Overcast, rainy and warmer

    Posted on January 9th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    A slow day and we finished the last book on CD by Rosenberg and went tho the library and got two more.  While at the library we bumped in to a old marina friend, Richard, and we had a nice chat.  Another highlight was that we used the air conditioner to keep the inside temperature at 75°.  This was good because there was the possibility that the heat pump might have an issue based on the performance on the heating mode a couple of weeks ago.

    Slowly the RV is becoming like home.  However, I must admit I am not one of those who is a daily mover and I like to stay awhile and see the sights.  We are watching the forward tv now and the showers are on the way with an outside temperature 68° and SE light winds.  Yea, I will take the warmth.  I hear we can expect next week overnight temperatures in the low 30’s.


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