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  • Thursday 11 January

    Posted on January 12th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Today we went to the First Assembly Seniors group meeting.  We had to calculate our body mass and I am borderline obese.  To even get to a reasonable level I would have to lose 38#.  I am 202 again up from 180 a couple of years ago when I could not eat right.  We had a vegetarian been soup and I pigged out on this by eating two bowls.  After that we pretty much holed up in the RV with all the intermittent rain but we made a quick trip to Walmart to buy a fan for the RV so we could circulate the bedroom air a bit.

    The RV Park is getting busy and three new people have moved in this week.  Last night some guy in a 5th wheel pulled in at 1200 midnight and woke us up.  It took a while to go back to sleep.

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