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  • Thursday 25 January 2018: Pot Roast lunch

    Posted on January 25th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    It was a little cold this morning and is getting colder even now. SAM is out for the long walk with Abby while I am getting an update on the Mavic Air drone that I would like to have. It is almost perfect for me but bout $100 high – we shall see what happens over the next weeks. However, this is the third generation or evolution of the DJI products. This is basically a Spark with foldable arms and longer wifi range. A good product for an amateur like me.

    As the morning wound up towards the lunch time hour, we decided to go to the Sweet Sensations restaurant we like in Green Cove Springs. Man, did it taste good it is my favorite item on their menu, albeit a bit shy of filling me up fully. Anyway, it continues to be my favorite over the years. Price with tip is about $10.

    The picture is from the Top 10 Hasselblad  Masters contest and I thought it was just plain cool so I am including it here.

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