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  • Romans 1-16

    Posted on March 3rd, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    On the way from PL to GR I listened to Romans 1-16.  It uses simple language in a complicated way.  I am not sure I like to concentrate that hard while driving.  Some things are pretty clear about what are sinful acts and included in the set are the basic 10 commandments.  Saul of Tarsus took his share of knocks and I would not liked to be in his sandals.

    Work today was slow and I told the boss I needed something to do.  Hopefully he will scare something up in the next week or I will be furloughed.  I was sort of hoping to go to the end of April or even June but it might not be possible.

    Tonight it was dinner at Russ and then B&N until 0830.  I ate a peanut butter cookie at B&N with tall decaf and I still have an acid stomach.  I cruised through a book on paddling Michigan rivers:  you could spend many years paddling most of the rivers.  I’ll try picking it up on Amazon.

    Hope I sleep good tonight as this weekend was not a fun one with some tough decisions to be made.  One does not do well with lack of sleep and trying to think clearly.

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