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  • Kayaking and how to get wet!

    Posted on March 31st, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Here come the T-Storms.  It started to rain just about the time I went down to go kayaking this afternoon.  Usually I enter the water by powering up an old section of dock that I put in the water – about half is in the

    Here come the Stormswater and half on land.  However, today I decided to see if I could do a straddle entry.  I straddled from the rear and got into the boat but the seat was down and when I tried to scooch froward to get the seat back up things got a little crazy and I tipped out of the boat and into the cold water.  The kayak was half filled with water and the small amount of water that penetrated through the rain jacket and nylon pants ran right down into my neoprene boots. 

    I pulled the boat up on the  beach and dumped it out as best I could and this time went down the slide of the dock section. I paddled to the other end of the lake and cut some brush so I could go down the channel to the culvert that goes under the road to Miserva Lake (the culvert is about 36″ in diameter).  I think if I lay on top of the kayak I could make it through as it is only about 100 feet.  If I try it I am going to tie a strong rope to the kayak so someone could pull me out if there is choke point int the culvert. 

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