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  • Kayaking weekend

    Posted on March 30th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    This has been a kayaking weekend.  We went out Saturday and padled the free areas of the lake and broke through long sections of the 1/2″ sun weakened green ice.  It made a cool sound and it was fun.  SAM even tried it.  The water is still very cold and not too kindly to accidental spills so we tried to be careful.

     Sunday after church we had a benefit luncheon at the Youth Center featuring our stuff (BBQ beef) and spaghetti with  a meat sauce.  We still chipped into the kitty so the benefitee’s would have a goodly amount of profits.  while eating, I suggested to Fred we go kayaking and at first he said no but then suggested 1500 hrs.  It was raining but he stilled wanted to go. We had a great time and used the high water to go places normally not accessible later in the summer.  Fred even wanted to go to through from Gooseneck to Miserva via 3′ diameter pipe that was about 100′ long.  I was not too keen on this as it would make me bend over so tight I did not want to hurt my neck.  We would have had to lay on the top of the kayak and hand pole through – no thanks.

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