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  • Disaster (almost)

    Posted on March 4th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I was cleaning up PLUM tonight and deleted two files full of PHP.  The Calendar stopped working and I gulped a big time.  What did I do now?  a quick search in the webpage revealed a “require” for a PHP file that I deleted.  Removed the reference and problem solved.  Whew!

    Working on a website for a couple in Germany, I was re-introduced to Paint Shop Pro (man I loved those guys before they became Corel).  Not really PSP but the bundled software Animation Shop 3 (Corel now sells this as a separate $40 box).  Anyway I generated a few animations for them to see what they preferred.  It was fun!  I forgot all about animations.  Couple that with Adobe Flash and I forgot about gif’s.  Now I get to play again – trouble is it takes way too much time to generate a several page animation.

    Had stuffed veggie grape leaves tonight with a Greek Salad for $8.  I do not think I will return as it is too expensive for what you get.  I Detroit the same food is double what you get here.

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