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  • Good Friday

    Posted on March 21st, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I worked in the home office this Good Friday writing Special Provisions for a project in Indiana.  I developed a foundation for the SP in the morning and then developed iit further in the afternoon.  I want to finish tonight as the team lead is working tomorrow to finalize the document.

    During the lunch hour(s) I went to Good Friday services at our church in Angola.  It started snowing quite hard and when I left to go home there was about an inch of snow onthe ground.  NOAA says we can expect 4 – 8 inches of the white stuff tonight.

    SAM has a cold that has settled in the chest.  It sounds horrible but I doubt that this will stop our trip to see my brother.  As a matter of fact SAM was a bit miffed this morning when I mentioned a 1500 hr departure for the 3 hour trip.

    I am going to take my computer and GPS unit tomorrow because my brother moved to a new house – a downsized one that is twice as big as the last one.  I guess there will be no trawler or houseboat on the river after all.

    We aare starting to think of launch time for our boat.  Last year I moved on the boat the first week of May and had to use the heater a few times before it got warm.  I am thinking of about the same time this year.  With the economy in the dumps I guess I will have to wait to sell it for some time to come.

    Check out this site.  Space pictures from NASA.  http://www.texasjim.com/NASApix/NASA%20pix.htm

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