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  • Retirement around the bend?

    Posted on March 11th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I talked with the boss yesterday and he wanted to know what was happening and I said I would like to work until June.  He said he would notknow the work load until next week.  This means I could-be on half time or even less pretty soon.  It is like a mixed blessing – the spirit says go with the flow and the body says make money.  I guess you cannot change much but I told him I would like to work on the FEMA contract – it only kicks in when there is a disaster.  These are usually a month or two long assignments in wherever and whenever the disaster takes place.  Might be kind of fun as it is the technical nomad kind of thing and of shorter duration.

    I am trying to cut back on the winter supply of fat that I have built up this year.  We have walked less, worked on the boat less, ate more, and just slept more than ever so I am piling on the pounds and I am even straining the 38″ that fit loosely last summer.  Soon as the ice is off the lake it is kayak time and then later sailing.  The rivers are going down so that is an option too.  Maybe I’ll go Friday if there is no work.

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