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    Posted on March 15th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Since the last time I wrote most of my minds occupation relates to kayaking.  I ordered some Amazon books about kayaking Michigan and one related to a circumnavigation of Lake Superior.  In addition, I have purchased enough low sale price base layer to last us many years.  Friday I was at Barry’s house and since he is an NRS dealer more necessary kayaking accessories were ordered.

    We also kayaked the Fawn River from the fish hatchery to 1100E.  We were in no hurry and had long chats about growing up together and our present ages and situations.  It was a wonderful 3 hours all down stream.  I MUST WARN any kayakers reading this that there are some hazards to negotiate and it is NOT a novice level adventure.  If you go way up stream and then exit at the fish hatchery this is novice level if the water is not too fast.  Right now it has moderated but still is flowing pretty good and the water is quite cold.  It is down about 10″ from when we paddled upstream a couple of weeks ago.

    During the trip downstream we saw lots of Red Wing Black birds, Canadian Geese, Lesser Coots, Sandhill Cranes and other water dependent creatures.  We did not see any deer this time as we were talking too much.  The water was crystal clear.  Thanks Barry.

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