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  • Lazy Saturday

    Posted on March 15th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    SAM had to work this morning so I got up as I was being pestered with coughs and other time to rise signals.  I went in to McDonalds and most of the usual crowd was there.  We talked about Hillary and Obama.  It appears to us that it is a young vs old sort of thing if you take the Democrats.  We did our small poll the older people favored Hillary and the younger Obama.  It was not who you would vote for but which would you favor poll.  It is curious but I guess Obama equates to change and Clinton is experience.

    After SAM got home it was nap time and then on to Menards to buy supplies to paint the VC17 boat bottom.  VC17 is an ablative copper based paint that discourages Zebra Mussels and other creatures from adhering to the boats bottom while idle at the slip.  In the fall when they high pressure wash the bottom everything comes off and is smooth and ready for next years painting.  Cool!

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